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ARONAI RECORDS Presents to you, ( AgwiLwiAgwi ) #8 Official music video 2021


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Vocals, Lyrics & Composition – Konsai & Fungbili
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered @SamStudioGosaigaon

Starring – Sunny Brahma & Jeni Narzary
Directed by Paras Mahilary
Story & Concept – Paras&Amardeep
Cinematography & Post Production – AMARDEEP BRAHMA
Aerial – Nwjwr


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02:48 Gwsw dongbwla bungna laka ada
03:53 Somni maya yao ada/agwi

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  1. Dear viewers! We are back and coming with more exciting numbers! Stay tuned with us. It’s your blessings because of which we are motivated to deliver more. Trust us, more interesting videos are coming up!! Thank you all!

  2. My best production among all in boro jwbwd mwjang methai….all time hit.gwjwnbai…

  3. This song must reach .more than 5 million..views .love this song from .. Australia..

  4. Wt a music …….ang b music kow 1k ne bw Bara kwna song bai ……..hwngbabw oh haaa…….

  5. Ag b methaikow jwbwr mjg mndg any time b methai a agni thakhy repead

  6. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ this song very melodious and perfect❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Plez mention the names of musicians also..who played kham Sifung serja etc.. without them a song is incomplete..there will be no beautiness..

  8. Gubwi Bwisagu methai bese mwjang kham sifung serja ni denkhw jwbbwt mwjang jadwng,bdsw janangw, tabla damnan2 Bwisagu methai da dihun de malaifwrbadi

  9. Onnanwi ada please agkwo nimaha hwdw please ag dinwiniprai bidi maotarla bwrwiba gwrwnti japlag bujisoyiyao be konsekwo nimaha hwdw

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