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Walking with your hands in mine and mine in yours, that’s exactly where I want to be always. It’s all about Love between two Souls. Enjoy and experience each and every moment of the marriage of Manish and Jenny.
R.Sanzarang Entertainment Presents “Akhai Nwngni” Official Bodo Music Video 2020 sung by Swmkhwr Daimari. Also the lyrics and tune is given by Swmkhwr Daimari and Directed by Sachin Baruah. The video features Manish Swargiary and Jennifer Daimary.
RSanzarang Entertainment || Manish Swargiary || Jennifer Daimary
Cast: Manish Swargiary, Jennifer Daimary And Prasanta Goswami
Singer: Swmkhwr Daimari
Lyrics/ Tune: Swmkhwr Daimari
Music, Mixing & Mastering: Dee Daimary
DOP: Bitul Das
Editor: Manas Kashyap & Pratim Lama @Cinedreams
DI Colorist: Manas Kashyap
MUA: Barby Khan
Assistant Director: Samin Das
Concept/Direction/Choreography: Sachin Baruah
Produced By: Devi Swargiary
Production Manager: Nayan Kalita
Production Head: Rekib Riki
Special Thanks To: Rekib Riki, Shahid Malik, Chandan Kalita, Gitartha Kashyap, Shyamalima Das, Kukil Das, Priyanka Saikia, Gayotri Boro, Dhiraj Kr. Das, Pritom Nath
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Copyright Notice
Copying, recording or reproducing any part of this video (audio and visual) in any other channels, without prior permission is strictly prohibited. Embedding to the websites is permitted. © R.Sanzarang 2020.

Lyrics of the Song:

Akhai nwngni….
Akhai homna….
Berai glanw… lubwiyw
Jeoni Rani nwngkhow khalamnw
Orai lubwiyw gwrbwni……
Biyw nwngkhow gasainaow
Be Jwnwmaow Khebselo
Bobeba gwjwn raijwao
Agan surlangnw thangkhini.

Dongo ang nenanwi
Angwni nw be jeoni lamayao

Bikhaya gengkhanai
Raonibw nonga nwngni thakhailo
Khonthai lirw angw nwngni
Beohai dongo nwngni gumur

Akhai nwngni….
Akhai homna……
Berai glanw… lubwiyw
Jeoni Rani nwngkhow khalamnw
Orai lubwiyw gwrbwni
Biyw nwngkhow gasainaow
Be Jwnwmaow Khebselo

Bobeba gwjwn raijwaow
Agan surlangnw thangkhini

****Thank You all of you for making this #Akhai_Nwngni Music video Super Hit. Only because all of you and your support and blessings this video is trending in Bodo Film Industry. Till now this is the only music video in Bodo industry which is most popular song among the teenagers and also most number of meme’s and short videos are created by our viewers from this video.

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