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C A S T:
Lipika Brahma

C O N C E P T/ D I R E C T I O N & C H O R E O G R A P H Y :
Sujuma Boro (AD)

C O-A R T I S T :
Bikram, Sumita, Ratiram & Nathuram.

C I N E M A T O G R A P H Y :
Khwrwm Boro

D O P :
Prabin (Mwitha Boro)

A E R I A L, E D I T I N G & C O L O U R I S T:
Sailen Kutum

S I N G E R :
Ela Brahma

M U S I C / T U N E :
Prasenjit Khaklary

L Y R I C S & A U D I O P R O D U C E R:
Mihiniswar Basumatary (CEM, BKWAC)

P R O D U C E D B Y:
Mr. Nathuram Mochahary (President, DDC, DBHA)

M U A:
Sujuma Boro (AD)
Jaysri Basumatary

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  1. Very nice singer…Song credits goes to Mihineswar sir(Dhemaji), CEM BKWAC(Boro kachari welfare autonomous council) and Ela ma'am..Thanks to Lipika too.

  2. Jwbwd mwjang jadwng. Ang hor San khwnasong khwnasong fagla bwswr jayw……

  3. Jwbwd mwjang jakhadwng. Ang hor San khwna song khwnasong fahla bwdwr jakhayw

  4. बे मेथाइनि सुजुगिरि आरो मेथाइ खनगिरि सानैनोबो आंनि गोर्बोनिफ्राय जोबनो गैयै साबायखर बाउहरो। बे मेथाइ सुजुगिरिनि गोसो-गोर्बोखौ आं मान बाउयो। खनगिरिनि गारांखौबो आं मान बाउयो। थैजासिम बे मेथाइ आरो देंखोखौ आं खोनासंलांबाय थागोन। दामजु दामगिरिफोरनिसिमबो गोर्बोनि साबायखर बाउहरो। बेयो बर'नि जात Natural Romantic Song. Thanks.

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